xt:Commerce 4

1. Plugin download

Download the RatingChamp plugin for xt:Commerce 4 and extract the files.

2. Plugin upload:

Upload the extracted files in the "/plugins/" folder of your xt:Commerce Shop.

3. Plugin Installation:

Now open the control panel of your xt:Commerce shop and go to “Plugins" => “Deinstalled Plugins”.

Here you should see the RatingChamp Plugin link just like in the screenshot below. Click on "Run" to install the plugin.Then go to “Plugins" => “Installed Plugins".

Select "Edit" in the RatingChamp plugin and insert your RatingChamp API data in "API Account-Key" and "API Password” fields. (You will find this data in your RatingChamp control panel).You will also have to configure which order status would trigger an order to be transferred to RatingChamp. To do so, use the”Order status to transfer” option. This field accepts a list of comma-separated IDs of your order statuses. In case you haven't changed the default configuration of xt:Commerce, you can just put a "33" in this field.

Make sure you have activated the plugin with "Activate for this store" and "Status" before you proceed.

RatingChamp installation in xt:Commerce 4RatingChamp Options xt:Commerce 4


4. Integration in the store template

Open the files located in "\templates\your-Template\index.html" and add following line in the template:

{box name=ratingchamp type=user}

The widget will be integrated in this position.

If you are not sure where exactly to place the code, insert it after following line:

{box name=categories}

If you have implemented all these steps correctly, you should now see the RatingChamp logo in your online shop. You can edit the size and type of the logo in your RatingChamp control panel.

xt:Commerce 4 widget RatingChamp

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