WooCommerce / Wordpress

System requirements:

  • WordPress (min. version 3.0.0)
  • WooCommerce (min. version 2.1.6)


1. Click on "Add New" in "Plugins"

2. Dearch for "RatingChamp"

3. Select "Install Now" to proceed with the installation.

4. Activate the plugin with a click on "Activate Plugin"

Plugin Configuration:

5. Open the RatingChamp configuration menu, in "Settings => RatingChamp"

In this fields you have to setup your API-Data:

You can find you API-Data(7. & 8.) in your RatingChamp Control panel in "Configuration => Shop information"

You will also have to configure which order status would trigger an order to be transferred to RatingChamp (6.). To do so, use the "Order status for transfer" option.

If you are not sure about this, use the status, that marks an order as "shipped to the client"

Activate the Widget

After you have at least five reviews, you should also integrate the widget.

You can easily do this in "Apperance => Widgets"

9. switch in the menu "Apperance => Widgets"

10. Search for the RatingChamp Widget in " available Widgets".

11. Now drag the Widget in the Widget area in that you like to display the widget, drop it and "save".

That's it, now check if the widget is displayed in the frontend of your shop

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